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Two scenes from Cockfighter were filmed at the Georgian Terrace Hotel.  The first one depicts a cockfight that is actually held in one of the Georgian Terrace's rooms - on the hotel's 6th floor, in case you're curious.  Several pictures from this scene are posted below.  In the midst of the illicit event (even in Georgia, it's illegal to stage a cockfight in a hotel room!), the room is stormed by robbers wearing political masks.   Was Cockfighter the first film to feature this plot device? 

Scroll down to see a robber in a Richard Nixon mask and another in a Lyndon Johnson mask....at least I think it's LBJ.  The man in the Richard Nixon mask is Donnie Fritts, an Alabama-born session musician and songwriter who had also appeared along with Oates in Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia.  Fritts was hired for his brief Cockfighter role at Oates' suggestion.

When the cast and crew moved into the Georgian Terrace to film there, author Charles Willeford reported that his 6th floor room looked across Peachtree Street at the Fox Theatre, where Lady Frankenstein (another Roger Corman production) was the featured attraction.



Below are a few shots from the second of the two scenes in Cockfighter that were shot at the Georgian Terrace Hotel.  In the film, the setting for this scene is Senator Foxhall's mansion (Bulloch Hall in reality), but the scene was filmed at the Georgian Terrace's ballroom.

Below:  Oliver Coleman (playing Senator Foxhall)  on the left, shakes hands with Richard B. Shull (playing Omar Baradinsky).  According to Willeford's memoir, Coleman , a non-professional actor, was a bank president from Decatur for his day job.

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